The OCSA is a not-for-profit provincial association that is entirely funded by its members.

Representing over 6,000 stores located in Ontario, the OCSA is engaged on many issues affecting convenience store retailers, most of which are independent family stores.

The members are committed to compliance with significant government regulations which include age verification for tobacco and lottery products. Nothing short of 100% is the goal of the association in being responsible community retailers and seeking identification from those individuals seeking to purchase age restricted products that appear to be 25 years old or younger.

The Mission of the Ontario Convenience Stores Association is to represent the economic interests of convenience store retailers in Ontario.

Convenience channel is a large and important retail channel that will continue to face many changes and challenges over the next few years.

It is our objective not only to strengthen OCSA as a strong voice and lobby for both retailers and suppliers, but one that provides an effective forum for all participants to meet and discuss common issues, concerns and opportunities.

We act as an advocate for the best interests of our members and our industry. We provide a strong, coherent venue for their concerns through public forums and act as the industry voice in Ontario.

We work with other professional associations in Canada and the USA to represent our industry on relevant issues with all levels of government.

Through the participation of our members, we produce and distribute materials that ensure our members a continuing supply of pertinent information and topical education. We continually contribute to major trade and national media on relevant issues.

The Association works to promote and foster the establishment and maintenance of professional business standards and ethics throughout the convenience store industry.