Responsible Retail Training

Convenience store retailers face constant challenges and opportunities everyday not the least of which is training staff to professional standards in all their day-to-day activities.

This quality goal impacts on everything including adherence to the Law, particularly regarding our We Expect ID mission that product restricted to minors will not be sold to minors. It also touches on many other topics including Workplace Safety, Customer Service, Health & Safety, the handling of hazardous materials and general Loss Prevention.

Our online training system is tailored for the Convenience Store Employee under our brand of “Responsible Retail Training”. It is gaining considerable successes every day across the country and we now have thousands of trained employees that have become certified in various categories working for chain and independent C-store operators.

This work is understandably ongoing and constantly being reviewed and refined. Our training is further evidence of our industry’s commitment to excellence and our overall goal to demonstrate Responsible Community Retailing in every Member location across  Canada.

Together we are making it happen – to first-class standards with best practices methodologies.

You will be able to get updates on these important programs right here on our main website.

To review our main We Expect ID information website available in English and French. Click here.

The training programs offered include:

• We Expect I.D. – age verification training
Teaches employees why and how to ask for age verification and helps protect you by showing due diligence on your part should they fail to check for age verification.

• Contraband Tobacco Awareness
Includes education and awareness programs of the issues caused by Contraband tobacco.