Beer bottles

Beer and wine is still on target for Ontario convenience stores, will you be one of the first to sell as we begin the roll out in Ontario?

We encourage you to start thinking, reading, visiting grocers with beer and start asking question. Those that are engaged in their stores have the best chance of selling beer in their neighbourhoods.

The OCSA is preparing an initial list to present to the government of responsible convenience stores who could support the sale of beer in their stores.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in selling beer in your store: CLICK HERE

If you have paid your 2020 membership dues to the OCSA, then I would appreciate it if you could start thinking about the stores within your business that could participate in a beer andwine roll out as we plan for future meetings with the Ministry.

Our objective is to bring a list of responsible OCSA members to the Ministry as a suggestion for the first few hundred outlets, hoping to secure the rights for your business ahead of unplanned retailers, large gas chains and other groups.

The link above will require some information as stated below and it would be great if you could supply the following:

  • Store name (#)
  • Owner/operator
  • Store address (including postal codes for heat mapping)
  • Specify convenience or convenience/gas
  • Email addresses

Please contact Donna Montminy ( at 905 845-9152 with any inquiries, and to be represented for the beer rollout plans.