Beer on Shelf

It has now been three years since the Ontario government promised to allow consumers more access to beer and wine in local, family-run convenience stores.

The program, to this point, seems to have stalled despite our continued participation in meetings on the subject.

What we have seen in the meantime is the relaxation of various liquor laws where bars and restaurants have been permitted to sell beverage alcohol with takeout meals. Unfortunately, we have also seen an abuse of this privilege where a bag of chips is used as a takeout meal with little oversight.

The OCSA is committed to seeing beer and wine in convenience stores and will continue to work with Premier Ford on supporting the roll out to our channel.

I would suggest that every retailer contact their local MPP and ask for an update on the promise to allow you to sell beer and wine, as well as a timeline for when can we expect to see this come to our stores. It would be helpful if thousands of convenience store families engaged their local MPP in this discussion.

Feel free to call the OCSA office if you need assistance with this at (905) 845 9152.