BIC®, a world leader in stationery, lighters, and shavers, introduced the EZ Reach lighter, hailing it as the ultimate lighter for all lighting occasions. It is designed for lighting hard-to-reach places while helping to keep fingers away from the flame.

The innovative design is a perfect combination of the iconic BIC® Pocket Lighter and the longer-reaching BIC® Multi-purpose Lighter.

Its body is the size of a pocket lighter, so it fits comfortably in your hands, bags and pockets, making it perfect for lighting candles, grilling and everything in between.

The BIC® EZ Reach lighter launched in December 2020 with incredible success, outperforming comparable products in the marketplace and securing distribution at major retailers.

The EZ Reach lighter is 100% safety tested to ensure consumers receive high quality lighters that are safe to use. BIC® also teamed up with entertainment legend Snoop Dogg and lifestyle innovator Martha Stewart and Marquee Brands for their lighter ad campaigns.

“As someone who uses a lighter almost every day, having one that’s reliable and safe to use is important, which is why I reach for my BIC® EZ Reach whenever I need a lighter,” said Snoop Dogg. “I love working with my friend Martha and we had a lot of fun showing off the many ways the BIC® EZ Reach lighter truly is the ideal lighter for all lighting occasions.”

BIC®’s partnership with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart has been renewed for 2022 with more great campaigns coming down the pipeline.

The 2021 EZ Reach campaign resulted in over 73 million impressions on social media, exceeding BIC®’s target by 9%.

Audience engagement was strong as it targeted core groups plus gaming, sports, and auto groups. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart EZ Reach displays and danglers also helped drive awareness of the lighter in-store.

The BIC® EZ Reach is offered in the classic BIC® pocket lighter colours and camouflage, truly making this a lighter for every consumer!

Snoop Dogg also released his own line of EZ Reach lighters which are available in Canadian convenience channels. The designs feature portraits of the rapper along with artwork from the cover of his “Doggystyle” album from 1993.