The government of British Columbia is pondering whether residents should be able to add liquor to their weekly grocery list, as the provincial government looks to modernize provincial liquor laws. Allowing alcohol sales at grocery stores is one of 70 recommendations in a report submitted this week to the provincial justice minister by John Yap, the parliamentary secretary tasked with the review of liquor laws.

Yap told the press “It is evident to me that B.C.’s current liquor laws have not kept pace with modern consumers,”. He added “British Columbians lead busy lives and they are often hard-pressed for time so I’m recommending we have a more convenient option available to them so they’re able to pick up a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer when they are shopping for their groceries.”

The government of Ontario continues to be silent in their review and ideas around modernizing alcohol sales with regulations on beer that date back to 1927. Isn’t it clearly evident that much has changed since then?