Cannabis accessories in convenience stores

Cannabis accessories are now legal to sell for non-medical purposes. This means they may be sold specifically for the purposes of consuming cannabis as long as they are sold within the rules outlined in the Cannabis Act and the cannabis legislation in each Province.

The Federal Government has decided to regulate cannabis accessories very similar to tobacco products, with some differences:

  • Cannabis accessories may not be legally displayed anywhere where they might be seen by a minor, similar to tobacco.
  • The only way to promote the fact that you sell cannabis accessories, if minors are allowed in the establishment, is using a price list similar to tobacco products.
  • If minors are not allowed in the establishment, then cannabis accessories may be displayed and promoted.
  • Cannabis accessories generally cannot be advertised, promoted, discounted or be subject of inducements of any type (contests, giveaways, etc).
  • Cannabis may only be sold my licensed retailers, however cannabis accessories may be sold by anyone.