Convenience Stories

We found this great story over at about a video project focusing on the different convenience stores in Toronto.

Stina Dios is a student at OCAD who found the stories behind each of the convenience stores that she entered and she wanted to share them with everyone.

About her project….

 A collection of stories celebrating convenience stores that have offered valuable memories and connections within our neighbourhoods.

The convenience store acts as a microcosm for each unique neighbourhood in which it resides. Through the stories we share, we celebrate the convenience store as a barometer of our neighbourhoods. These environments offer rich interactions that strengthen our communities by being key components of complete and walkable streets. They are often independent, diverse and organic spaces which not only reflect our neighbourhoods, but support a thriving social community.

You can check out her stories over at Convenience Stories.



Habesha Variety

Ontario Convenience Stores Association


In a marginalized Toronto community, new owners Dessale and Rita are adapting their shelves to suit the diversity of their community, while highlighting the healthier food options that they are making available.

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Ontario Convenience Stores Association OCSA

“We tried, as much as possible, to put more flags. The store is trying to accommodate everybody, and we want to make everybody come in here and we want to make everybody feel at home. That’s our motto. ”

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