Person smoking an e-cigarette

The vape category remains under scrutiny from all levels of government and this can be attributed to the various health groups targeting the convenience store channel by creating confusion within the category.

Health Canada actually made a statement as follows:

“Between July and December 2019, Health Canada inspectors visited more than 3,000 specialty vape shops and convenience stores across the country, seizing more than 80,000 units of non-compliant vaping products. More than 80% of the specialty vape shops inspected were found to be selling and promoting products in violation of the law. The Department has also taken action to shut down illegal promotions by major national brands this year.”

The convenience store channel can still carry, discuss with customers and promote the various vape products available in Ontario including flavours. Each store is allowed three white and black signs expressing the availability of vape and pricing of vape products (no brand names).

Juul Labs has already been delivering these new authorized signs to convenience stores throughout Ontario as well as assisting them in the removal of in-store advertising.

Also convenience stores may have product brochures under the counter, allowing age-tested adults to view the availability of products that are featured in each outlet. Strict age-testing needs to be adhered to by all stores and employees to ensure our channel maintains our high pass rates for tobacco, lottery and vape products.