Independents are continually expressing their frustrations with the full-service distribution channel in Ontario.

The past few months has been a real challenge for thousands of convenience stores to source the daily needs of many products for their local and loyal customers. At times independent stores are left to fend for themselves while full-service wholesalers ensure the shelves are full at national Convenience store chains in their own communities while the small guy experiences ongoing shortages.

No one will have the answer to the constant excuses or continued damage control to appease us in hopes we don’t find alternative solutions to satisfying the needs of our customers.

Independents need to look to source their products from a wonderful group of wholesalers who believe in them and will work to satisfy their needs and there is a growing need for us to form a Cooperative solution going forward and the OCSA will work on this for all.

The OCSA recommends the following companies located in Ontario that can offer innovation, new products, better pricing and will carry the products your local communities require as follows:

CJR Wholesale: 5820 Kennedy Road Mississauga 905 361 1081

MVR Cash & Carry: 3655 Weston Road North York, 416 739 8411

Costco business centres (St Catherine’s: 289 434 6011 and Scarborough: 647 484 5840)

There is a need for independents to have a secure and consistent source of goods to serve in every community and the OCSA will continue to partner with companies that truly care about your business and issues in every community.

Beer and wine will eventually allow for new and innovative distribution models in Ontario.