OCSA Covid19

Independent Convenience stores (over 6,000) throughout Ontario were declared an essential service during the height of COVID and over 95% remained open to serve customers needs in every community.

Some highlights:

A)   In store sales increased 30-38% during the 4 month period.
B)   C Stores sold 85% of all OLG lottery products (up from 74%)
C)   Tobacco sales rose 25-35% due to closure of reserve shops
E)   C stores realized increases in snack foods, salty snacks & take home foods
F)   Employee & customer safety was our first priority
G)   Customer trusted their family run stores to responsibly serve them and we did.

Special thanks to all our suppliers, distributors, DSD drivers and the hard working families who went over and above to serve every community & replenish shelves on a regular basis. We are proud to have been there for everyone and will continue to work with the government going forward during these unpredictable times.