The vaping category has seen many new players enter the market and has grown quickly over the last year. Now there is the potential of federal legislation due to aggressive in-store promotions by an array of companies after the election and ask our members to be vigilant with age-testing for these products and disciplined in the number of signs being placed in our stores.

The OCSA has worked very hard at Queen’s Park over the year to allow for the communication and promotion of these products under provincial law and have seen many companies aggressively take advantage of the retailer’s ability to communicate these products to our consumers.

Additionally, online sales have caused many issues around youth access but health advocates would rather target the convenience stores then take on the real issue.

We anticipate this category to continue to grow as adult tobacco consumers look to a perceived safer alternative to cigarettes throughout Ontario.

The OCSA supports both Juul Labs and Blu for their disciplines and working relationship with retailers in every community.