ontario carbon tax stickers for gas stations

Starting August 30, 2019, gasoline retailers in Ontario must display a Federal Carbon Tax Transparency Sticker on each gasoline pump.

The Ontario government is mailing out stickers to gas stations, but most retailers have not yet received their stickers.

Gas stations can order stickers,  free of charge, through Publications Ontario.

or by calling…

Toronto:  416-326-5300
Toll-free within Canada: Toll-free: 1-800-668-9938

Displaying the sticker

The Federal Carbon Tax gasoline pump sticker

Under the Federal Carbon Tax Transparency Act, 2019, as of August 30, 2019, gasoline retailers must display one sticker, English or French, on the front of each gasoline pump facing consumers.

Retailers are expected to display an equal number of English and French stickers across all of a facility’s gasoline pumps.


  • must be displayed in a prominent location on the top two-thirds of each gasoline pump
  • must be displayed in a straight, upright position
  • must not be obscured from view
  • are not required to be displayed on diesel-only pumps

Gasoline retailers who do not display the Federal Carbon Tax Transparency Stickers may be subject to written warnings or charges under the Provincial Offences Act.

If a sticker is damaged or falls off, a replacement sticker must be ordered and attached to the gasoline pump, as soon as possible.

Retailers may choose to place more than one sticker on each gasoline pump, provided they ensure the regulatory requirements are met.

Who is exempt

Gasoline retailers located on federally designated First Nations’ reserves or land are not required to display the stickers.