Drive off safety - Ontario

Gas thefts continue to increase throughout Ontario with the latest data showing over 27,000 drive offs from local Ontario gas stations.

Employees and citizens have unfortunately been the victim of these criminals where we have seen deaths over the years that can and could be avoided.

In conjunction with the Chiefs of Police Association, the OCSA have worked with MPP Deepak Anand where his private members Bill 213 has been passed through the house and now sits with the Justice Committee.

Our industry and customers need to see the government pass this Bill and protect our employees, our customers and businesses from the out of control theft of gas especially with the new higher prices.

We are proud to represent and work with the government on this Bill and please find the latest letter issued by the Chiefs of Police to the Minister of Labour asking for this issue to be addressed prior to the upcoming provincial election.

Business losses are mounting up to record levels and the safety of our citizens cannot wait another year.

OACP Letter Gas-and-Dash Thefts_ November 17 2021(1)