Quickstrip is an innovative vitamin offering that convenience store owners can offer to their customers.

What is a QuickStrip™?

QuickStrip™ is a thin oral dissolvable film (similar to the Listerine strip we are all familiar with but a different technology).

QuickStrip™ is simply placed on or under the tongue (most effective placement is under the tongue) and in a few seconds it dissolves, and the active ingredient (vitamin/supplement) is absorbed and delivered into the bloodstream.

No swallowing and no water required.

QuickStrip™ is manufactured using a technology that takes the ingredient molecules and reduces them into tiny micron size particles that easily pass through the tissues of the mouth and into the bloodstream where they start to work right away!

Why is this important?

When you swallow a pill, chew a gummy or take a drink it must be swallowed, pass through your digestive system and your liver before it can begin to work. This process not only delays how quickly something starts to work but it also reduces the amount of vitamin/supplement/medicine available to work. Using the QuickStrip™ method you get the benefit of rapid effects, more of the active ingredient into your system, and you can get away with lower doses and still have the same effects because you aren’t losing anything through the digestion process!

Current Offerings:

QuickStrip™ Sleep a 5mg Melatonin strip that naturally helps ease you into a restful night sleep.

QuickStrip™ Energy a 40mg Caffeine strip that gives you that boost of energy without the crash often associated other energy products.

QuickStrip™ Vitamin B12, an essential vitamin that the body doesn’t produce on its own but must get from food or supplements. B12 helps create red blood cells and aids in anemia prevention. B12 can also benefit your body by boosting your energy, improving your memory and your mood!

QuickStrip™ is Quick, Convenient, Precise and Discreet.

No Swallowing, No Water Needed, Child-Resistant Single Dose Packaging, Precise Dose, Pocket-Sized and Convenient to carry with you on the go!
*All products are Health Canada Approved as indicated with the NPN number.

Rapid Dose Therapeutics, RDT, a Canadian life sciences company located in Burlington, Ontario was formed because of a recognized need to provide an alternative way of taking vitamins, supplements, and medications.

* Rapid Dose Therapeutics is currently working with McMaster University Research on a COVID QuickStrip and other vaccination applications.


For more information contact:
Xavier Recasens
E: xavier@ancarcanada.com
M: (905) 687-2543