OCSA Covid-19 age testing

A total of 34 local public health units have once again started to conduct underage mystery shop programs in convenience stores so it is important that we remind our employees of our responsibility to ensure strict age-testing procedures even during the COVID-19 pandemic with required face coverings now the new norm.

Below are steps that should be followed:

1) Ensure you have the We Expect ID logos on door, back wall, counter areas etc.
2) Politely challenge any customer who appears to be 30 or under purchasing tobacco, vape or lottery for government issued ID
3) Ensure the ID is not out of date and clearly displays the birth date of the consumer standing at the counter.
4) Ask the customer to stand back and lower their mask giving employees the opportunity to verify the picture on the document.
5) Ask the customer to verify their age and if they are allowed to buy tobacco or lottery products in Ontario.

If for any reason the customer cannot comply or verify the questions or mask removal, we would recommend you refuse the sale.