Commemerative 20 bank note - Canada

A Commemorative $20 Note

On 10 September 2015, the Bank of Canada unveiled and issued a commemorative $20 note to mark the historic reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

This commemorative note has the same security features as notes in the current Polymer series. The difference is that the large window contains new visual elements. This commemorative note is currently in circulation with the existing $20 note, which will continue to be issued and represent the vast majority of $20s in circulation.

The Bank has issued 40 million commemorative notes, which represents 5 per cent of $20s in circulation. Bank note equipment owners should consult their manufacturer or supplier with any questions about machine compatibility.

Canada’s polymer notes are easy to check and hard to counterfeit. As this commemorative note is a variation of the current $20, it does not require extensive education to help cash handlers learn to recognize and check it. Visit the Bank’s website for educational tools and to watch a video on this historic addition to Canada’s polymer notes.