Person smoking an e-cigarette

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act that was scheduled to be updated to include new rules for the sale, display and promotion of vaping products as of July 1, 2018 has been put on hold (at the last minute) by the new Ford government. The OCSA is pleased with this decision as we have always advocated for a level retail playing field for our members and this act favoured Vape Shops while restricting the convenience store channel from having the same display and promotion privileges.

All convenience stores in Ontario have the rights to display vape products and must ensure that anyone who appears to be under the age of 19 is age checked with no sale of vaping products to these customers. The local tobacco enforcement units will be out in full force all summer long with underage shoppers and we can assume they will target vape sales due to this ruling.

The OCSA will insure that all convenience stores are represented during future consultations on this bill and will vigorously defend our rights to sell, display and promote healthy alternatives to tobacco while remaining responsible in how we handle and age test under the We Expect ID program.

Feel free to contact the OCSA office for additional We Expect kits or with any inquiries you might have. If there is any confusion from your local Public Health Unit please feel free to call the OCSA office at (905) 845-9152.

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