Conveneince stores e commerce platform

The Ontario Convenience Stores Association is pleased to announce a long term business relationship with Paygos.

During the last few months, convenience stores throughout Ontario have demonstrated our ability to offer essential services to consumers in every community and this new partnership with Paygos will benefit the entire industry.

Retailers will soon have the ability to place orders for many categories including confections, salty snacks, beverages, and more as well some tobacco related products. The new platform will be free to use and participate by all convenience stores in Ontario and Paygos system will also offer the handling of expired goods, will promote and track incentive programs using our e Commerce platform.

No matter where you purchase store products today, you will have the option to participate in any/all programs through Paygos.

This exciting announcement will give brands unprecedented access to the entire convenience store channel for all their products, needs and reporting as well as opportunities for new brand introductions, product promotions and speed to market in a wide range of convenience stores located in every community.

Included is our combined press release of today as we move ahead to work directly for the hard working convenience store families while supporting the entire supplier channel in this proven essential industry.

You can expect to hear from us in the next few weeks as we move ahead with the new e-commerce platform that benefits everyone.

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If you would like to be one of the early birds on the program – getting access to promotions, discounts and new products, simply click on the button below and put in your contact details.  We will update you with the rollout and what you can expect from the program!

convenience store e-commerce platform

The Ontario Convenience Store Association (OCSA) and PAYGOS have formed a strategic alliance that will provide Ontario convenience stores with the opportunity to order products from a centralized platform developed and managed by PAYGOS.  The platform will provide convenience store operators with the ability to order all products that are available to the convenience channel from the top CPG, automotive, tobacco and beer companies when legislation is passed for convenience store sales. Brands will be able to market promotions and provide everyday low prices directly to the convenience channel while still using their trusted distribution partners for fulfillment. The convenience store will also have access to return unsaleable goods to brands that allow returns.

“ For many years the convenience channel has searched for a business partner that can coordinate programs and services for the thousands of family run convenience stores in Ontario.  In a changing retail environment, working together with manufacturers and Paygos will allow independent store owners the same opportunities as major retailers in the province.” said Dave Bryans, CEO, OCSA.

Brands are very excited at the prospect of developing a direct marketing connection to the convenience channel and to provide promotions and products at competitive prices.

“Paygos is the only platform that is designed to connect brands and convenience stores directly. Our solution relies on existing distribution partners to fulfill all orders. We are excited about offering a competitive advantage to OCSA member while providing them access to new product offerings, competitive pricing as well as speed to market” said Hesham Shafie, CEO, Paygos.

The OCSA represents over 6,000 independent convenience store retailers and regional chains in the province of Ontario. The not-for-profit association is active in advocacy, education, and training for its members, and engages in many issues affecting convenience store retailers.

PAYGOS is a cloud platform that leading global brands use to transact with their retail customers. PAYGOS provides the brand, their sales teams and retailers with the ability to place orders, track promotions, manage and distribute incentive program payments and manage the return and payment of unsaleable goods. PAYGOS is a proven platform that global CPG brands have been in using for more than 10 years.

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convenience store e-commerce platform