OCSA talks contraband with Crime Stoppers

The OCSA has teamed up with Crime Stoppers to work on issues members encounter with regard to contraband in Ontario.

By spreading awareness, the two parties hope to limit the opportunities organized crime has to profit off of the illegal tobacco market.

As illegal activity grows, the OCSA will meet with the newly elected government to discuss methods for minimizing the distribution of contraband throughout our communities.

Recently OCSA CEO Dave Bryans spoke with the Burlington Post about the initiative.

Today we see contraband reaching epidemic proportions at 37 per cent of all tobacco now being untaxed and illegal with highs in northern Ontario of 65 per cent-plus,” Bryans said. “We are hoping the new PC government will work with Crime Stoppers and the Convenience Store sector to address this issue and look for solutions to minimize the delivery system in Ontario.”

Photo Courtesy of Nikki Wesley // Metroland.