The OCSA is connection retailers and customers with their local politicians through an in-store campaign that gives insights into the threats of contraband tobacco through an iPad.

Placed at the point of sale, an iPad with information about contraband’s effects on small business owners, the losses of government revenue, and public safety concerns related to the increase in youth access to illegal tobacco, allowed customers to send a letter directly to their politicians explaining that contraband tobacco is an issue in their community.

The campaign builds on the OCSA’s municipal anti-contraband tobacco initiative across Ontario. ┬áThe letter encourages the Ontario government to follow through on it’s commitments to fight contraband tobacco.

Over 70 communities representing over 40% of the population of Ontario have passed motions in support of the campaign, including both London and Windsor City Councils.

During the run up to the budget, iPads were installed in 30 c-stores in the riding of the Minister of Finance as well as the Premier.