The OCSA is strongly committed to working with governments to ensure healthier living for Ontario communities and the families who reside within them. OCSA president, Dave Bryans, is a member of the Ontario Healthy Kid’s Panel which is made up of 18 members who’s goal is to develop recommendations on how Ontario can best make a difference in promoting the health and well-being of children and youth.

According to Bryans, more and more young people are shopping at convenience stores and governments must now, more than ever, work with the channel to come up with ways to educate consumers on healthier choice products.

In June, the OCSA brought key policy advisers to a number of c-stores in downtown Toronto to show them the in-store goings on and how implementing rash legislation is detrimental to their success. “Childhood obesity is a serious problem, affecting the communities we serve. But implementing unsubstantiated regulations, laws and taxes on many of the items we sell, is not an effective way to deal with the issue. Instead, we’re working with the government to come up with ways to educate retailers and consumers on alternate products related to healthier choices.”