Beer in Ontario convenience stores

We are sure many are disappointed with the slow down on the roll out of beer and to the convenienceĀ store sector and want to assure everyone that this government is still committed to the channel and customer convenience for beer and wine.
The OCSA has informed the government of our customers’ expectations as well as their promise to open the market and the concerns of the channel due to the lack of any movement on the file.
Some of this can be attributed to The Beer Stores’ principle owners not negotiating on an exit strategy that would allow the government to move on this promise. We will continue to meet with the PC Party and Ministries encouraging them to move this file forward and allow for our customers to purchase cold craft beer prior to the summer of 2020.
If discussing with any local MPPs please ask them to give an indication as when the channel can see this happening.
From August, 2019: Open beer market closer than ever