On June 1, 2021 the OLG launched INSTANT TOP UP – a new $1 add-on game for OLG’s INSTANT tickets that gives players a shot at an exciting growing Jackpot!

During the first four weeks , retailers will earn double commission . That’s right , original 5% plus an additional 5% to be reconciled at the end of the promotion.

Tickets cost $1 and can be added to the purchase of any eligible INSTANT ticket purchased at any time. Each individual INSTANT ticket can trigger only one INSTANT TOP UP transaction*. Tickets are Quick Pick only.

The base Jackpot of $25,000 will grow by $0.05 with every ticket sold until it is won. When a Jackpot is won at any point during the day, it resets to $25,000 and starts to grow again until won. Jackpot amounts carry over to the next day if they are not won.

The customer’s prize will be animated on the CDU. Win a prize by matching 3 symbols. Win the Jackpot by matching 3 Jackpot Symbols.

No draws and no Selection Slips.

Looking forward to a great launch, driving revenue, traffic and more importantly increased retailer commissions.

* An eligible INSTANT ticket can only be used once for the purchase of one (1) INSTANT TOP UP ticket. A player can only purchase one INSTANT TOP UP ticket using their eligible INSTANT ticket.