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Convenience stores sell 76% of all lottery products in Ontario and this category is our single largest traffic generator and impulse sales driver.

During the last 10 weeks, our family-run independent stores have once again demonstrated their importance by continually serving lottery players in every community, working electronically with our sales contacts and responsibly driving the lottery category.

Posted below is a letter from Lori Sullivan – Chief Operating Officer OLG thanking everyone for their ongoing support and business relationship.

To our valued Retailers,

On behalf of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for your hard work and dedication in these challenging times.

While the province is still managing the pandemic, I realize you and your staff continue to make the best possible choices for the health and safety of your team and your customers. OLG has supported your decisions during this unprecedented situation, whether it was to suspend lottery sales or to continue selling OLG products after implementing physical-distancing and other safety protocols based on guidance from public health authorities.

Thank-you all the retailers that continued to sell lottery products and for those who are resuming sales, we welcome this good news.

Your business has allowed people within your community access to important services, like food, home and health care supplies, fuel, as well as other products available at the time of purchase, including lottery tickets. The OLG team thanks you for being an essential service to your community.

OLG’s Vision is to develop world-class gaming entertainment for Ontario. We continue to strive for that vision by providing gaming entertainment in an efficient and socially responsible manner that maximizes economic benefits for the people of Ontario. Our retailers play a significant role in this vision.

Since 1975, OLG has proudly provided more than $52 billion to the people and Province of Ontario. These proceeds from OLG – which include the sale of lottery products – go back to the province to support government priorities, including the operation of hospitals, healthcare, education and community programs which benefit you, the people of Ontario. We recognize that these vital services are more important now than ever before.

I want to recognize the efforts you and your employees are making to support your communities, whose safety must remain a priority. Thank you for your work during these extraordinary circumstances, and for serving your community with pride.

Lori Sullivan
Chief Operating Officer