The Ontario government announced yesterday that convenience stores in the province as deemed essential services as there are many who need access to these stores for food, milk and other products.

Our stores serve every community in Ontario and are open to ensure shift workers, emergency personnel and other essential service employees have access to needs and products when their shifts end throughout the province. Many communities are only serivide by a local convenience store and we take this responsibility seriously.

We are a much smaller footprint than big box offering a faster shop, as well we have fewer customers in store at any given time, and are a one stop shop for essentials and snacks. Simply put, we are your local store.

The government also announced that the sale of lottery tickets will continue during this time.

COVID-19 Best Practices for Lottery

Minimize Contact

  • Please follow your store‚Äôs current policies regarding best practices for physically handling any product.
  • To avoid contact, ask customers to point to the INSTANT ticket they want.
  • Have your customers use the Ticket Checker to check their tickets.
  • Have customers pay with tap when possible at locations equipped to take tap.
  • Tell customers to download the OLG Lottery App as a way to check their tickets from home.
  • Try to promote Advance Play.
  • Encourage customers to sign tickets before coming to the store (so they do not have to use in-store pens).


  • Keep disinfectant close by and regularly sanitize your Silent Sellers, Playstands and any pens at the cash area or Playstand that are used by customers.
  • Wash your hands as often as possible.

Stay Informed

  • Pay attention to OLG lottery terminal messages and pop-ups.
  • Pay Attention to public health authorities.

We support all our retail partners and any decisions that they make about their business during this evolving situation. We thank you for your continued partnership.