Beer bottles

The Minster of Finance has started to end the Beer Store controls at the end of June and the first two steps in an open market were easy to implement by allowing an additional 87 grocery stores to sell beer as part of the MFA agreement of 450 grocery stores allowed to sell beer in Ontario. As well the LCBO has sent out a request for proposal allowing 200 rural communities in Ontario to sell full line alcohol in convenience or grocery outlets, many in small communities. The objective is 60 stores by the end of August and we may find this to be an enormous task that will most likely drag into the fall.

The OCSA continues to work towards a full beer/wine convenience store market with the government and are narrowing in on distribution to over 6,000 outlets, certification/training and other rollout logistics.  You can be sure we are working in your best interests and will continue to ask for your assistance to ensure this opportunities is not sidetracked by other groups with their own special interests.

We have started a coalition known as where customers can go online and read facts about the future as well as dispel any myths that have been bantered around by unions or a major beer retailer wanting to protect their business interests.

The OCSA did deliver to your stores a poster campaign asking you to install this poster in your window or close to the cash asking our customers to go online and sign up supporting the expansion of beer/wine in the convenience sector. We are eager to continue to promote the future of beer in our channel encouraging our followers in social media to visit If you have time please follow the OCSA on Twitter @ontariocstores or visit our web for beer updates at