Convenience store retailers and the OCSA need to encourage the Ford administration to begin working on a transition to bring beer into all convenience stores as promised to consumers and retailer over 4 years ago.

The OCSA has been working alongside the Craft Brewers association to bring this file forward and need all convenience store owners to also get involved with their local MPP’s asking for this to now be advanced under the majority government.

Areas of agreement on a deregulated beer retailing market:

We all support the government’s commitment to reform Ontario’s beverage alcohol system to ensure greater selection(choice), increased availability of beer(convenience), and to keep beer prices affordable(price).

Necessary Steps:

• Increasing the number of grocery, convenience, & stand-alone craft stores.
• Setting minimum craft shelf requirements for Ontario craft beer.
• Continued prohibition of listing/stocking/promotion fees.
• Greater ability to sell large formats for all retailers.
• Encourage a minimum wholesale price for each Ontario craft beer while allowing retailers to set their own retail price.

Supporting Local Jobs and Businesses

Deregulation supports more local jobs in retail, craft beer, or through distribution.

What Can Retailers do today to help move this file?

  • Contact your local and newly elected MPP and discuss the past promise to support the convenience store business and Craft Beer companies.
  • Talk to your customers and ask them to support this commitment to bring local beers to corner stores sooner than later.
  • Join the OCSA to bring a collective voice to this issue to align on rollout out plans, training plans and decide on best distribution models to our channel.