A proposed parking spot levy for Toronto could generate millions of dollars for the city. According to KPMG estimates, even $1 per day applied across each commercial spot could net upwards of $383 million. Alternatively, a 5% parking sales tax could yield $32.8 million if given the greenlight.

The proposition was initially put forth last December by Councillor Joe Mihevc as a means of addressing the city’s substantial budget shortfall and it appears as though the proposal will be brought forth this November.

The biggest concern for the convenience store industry is the prospect of small businesses being forced to pay between $0.50 and $1.50 for each on-premise parking space. The OCSA will begin weighing in on the issue and may require Toronto-based retailers to join us in meetings with Councillors come November. It’s important that we discuss the damage this typ eof levy could do to small businesses in the city.

We want to insure that everyone is aware of this upcoming issue as we prepare to communicate with all Toronto Councillors on the matter.

The recommended steps that we take on this issue are…

A) Prepare brief on the issue once released (November)
B) Develop Qs & As in November for members
C) Create a target of Councillors we need to visit (November -January)
D) Work with chains and independents in both free standing & strip malls to conduct a letter writing campaign going forward
E) Engage Associate Members in city boundaries on the parking levy on their facilities
F) Attend committee and council meeting on this issue
G) Propose alternatives solutions for council

We ask that each member start an internal dialogue of this issue and to advise us as to who could be available to attend meetings at City Hall going forward.