Pop Daddy has just joined the OCSA as we are pleased to have such tasty snacks available in Ontario.

Pop Daddy was born out of the passion—some would say obsession—that Pop Daddy Snacks Founder’s Mark and Erin Sarafa had for microwave popcorn.

Mark and his family were eating microwave popcorn almost every evening when he decided to do some research. When he learned about the chemicals used in microwave popcorn, he realized he needed to find a new, healthier way to feed his family’s addiction!

Mark bought a large popcorn machine and started experimenting with different kernels and flavors in his basement, passing out his popcorn to friends, family, and neighbors. Since you are reading this on Pop Daddy’s website, you may have already guessed that the popcorn was a big hit!

The popcorn became so popular, that they were encouraged to market it to others.

In 2018, the Seasoned Pretzel business was born when Erin’s cousin was visiting from Iowa and brought over a nicely packaged Tupperware of her homemade seasoned pretzels as a gift. Mark brought some to work and the Pop Daddy Employees loved them so much, they convinced Mark to package and sell them too!

For sales information, please contact

Bruce McCarles – Vice President of Sales