Beer in Ontario convenience stores

Leading up to the Victoria Day long weekend, on Monday, Premier Ford was asked by a reporter if he was going to walk away from his 5 year promise to consumers to modernize beer sales in Ontario in Convenience Stores. The Premier, in a video clip once again stated he is committed to having beer in our stores and made it clear that The Beer Stores are owned by three foreign interests companies and change will be coming.

The Ontario Convenience Stores Association (OCSA) has been the driving force influencing the government of the day to allow convenience stores in Ontario to sell Beer, Craft Beer and RTDs (Ready to Drink) since 2010 . Today we are quite excited to hear Premier Ford’s comment that he plans to live up to his commitment to the C store industry and allowing for expansion of beverage alcohol to OCSA members.

We are committed to ensuring that the membership of the OCSA will be first in line to have the option to sell beer and can be rest assured there will be a long lineup of national chains, regional interests, and distributors all wanting to be first and in some cases secure the most licenses. There are 8,500 stores in Ontario and the rollout will take time for many as well as the training and handling of recyclables.

Feel free to contact the OCSA office if you would like to be represented during the upcoming negotiations at or 905 845 9152.

Exciting times ahead for the convenience business and long overdue.