OCSA CEO Dave Bryans

The Ontario Convenience Stores Association is recognized by this government as the representative and largest convenience store advocacy group in Ontario. This is a result of 35 years representing your interests, both manufacturers and retailers on all issue that affect our ability to serve Ontarians in every community.

Beverage alcohol or the introduction of beer/wine into the convenience store channel is still on the radar as we continue to work with the Ford administration to ensure this commitment to an open, transparent and convenient beer retailing market comes to fruition.

The most recent Fall Economic Statements by the Government now allows for the legal and legislative process where the LCBO will have no oversight of the channel and the AGCO will be charged with setting up the regulations around listings or product selection, wholesaling, retailing (by channel), pricing, training/social responsibility and rollout in the future to the convenience store channel.

This process is required to allow for policy discussions and hopefully will simplify the process as we continue to represent the best interests of our members in every meeting with the Ministry, regulator and stakeholders. There is still lots of work ahead for the association and would encourage everyone to update their membership in the OCSA to ensure you are part of the future and first in line when rollout decisions are being made.

Start thinking about space management and how you envision your stores to look when it comes to merchandising, displaying, chilling and selling beer/wine in the near future. As we move through this process we will keep membership updated on any requirements by the AGCO for convenience stores to be involved and granted the rights to sell this new category.