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The OCSA has been working hard to bring value to the hard working independent convenience store operators.

As the OCSA strives to help store operators reduce costs, increase margins, provide better service and to grow their business…. a key element has been our partnership with Paygos.

Paygos brings more choice, significantly lower prices, and ultra low delivery costs to our members.

Minis Convenience in Port Perry is one of the first stores to participate in the launch of Paygos. Here is what Ross Lomas, Retail Operations Manager had to say about the new service.

Once I heard of Paygos from day one, before it had even launched it got me excited as the main objective was to support small independent C-Stores like mine in Port Perry.

Paul [Paygos] has been a pleasure to communicate with in getting us set up at Minis Convenience, 1 of 50 to kick it off.

Our first order and following orders have been simple to create and understand.

Ordering from the site is easy and user friendly. It took no time at all to show and teach my employees how to place our orders.

I am looking forward to the continued growth to come with this platform as new sku’s get added and the selection widens.

We have already added close to 100 new items to our location which many of our customers have been waiting for over some time which other suppliers are not able to offer.

The product is offered at a very competitive cost with the delivery fee being minimal to the required minimum order.

We will continue use Paygos as the orders are more frequent then our current providers.

Paul, thank you for your continued support / service and answering all our questions. You always have a prompt answer or a solution.

Let us build business together!

Click here to access the Paygos portal and start saving money today!