RELX International, a supplier of vape products,  has joined the Ontario Convenience Stores Association (OCSA), enabling it to work more closely with distributors and convenience retailers.

RELX International is a multinational electronic cigarette company that markets and sells RELX, Asia’s leading e-cigarette brand.

RELX’s award-winning devices provide the optimal vaping experience and are available in 7 colors for their award-winning INFINITY devices and 8 colors for ESSENTIAL devices.

RELX Pods are currently available in 21 flavours, including 9 tobacco, mint, and menthol flavours. (Note: not all flavours are allowed to be sold in convenience stores).

RELX e-cigarette products are designed at a cutting-edge research and development center and produced in the world’s largest e-cigarette manufacturing facility in China.

As a leading vaping brand, RELX’s ethical commitment is to prevent youth from accessing their products.  This is the foundation of RELX Guardian Program.

RELX International is committed to upholding all laws and regulations in every market where it operates and strives to go above and beyond to prevent products from being attractive to youth.

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