Ontario Convenience Stores Association - Smoke free regulations

Amendments to Ontario Regulation 268/18 were made to address the prevalence of youth vaping. These amendments strengthen the restrictions on youth access to vapour products to protect children and youth under 19 from the harms associated with vaping and address parental, public and health stakeholder concerns about the increase in youth vaping.

The following amendments to O. Reg 268/18 come into effect July 1, 2020:

  • The sale of flavoured vapour products will be restricted to specialty vape stores and licensed cannabis retail stores. Other retail stores can only sell tobacco, menthol and mint flavoured vapour products;
  • The sale of vapour products with high nicotine concentrations (greater than 20 mg/ml) will be restricted to specialty vape stores;
  • Specialty vape stores will no longer be permitted to have indoor displays and promotions that are visible from outside their stores.


These changes to protect children and youth from vaping are in addition to:

  • The ban on promotion of vapour products in retail stores except specialty vape stores and cannabis stores which are only open to people aged 19 and over that came into effect January 1, 2020; and
  • Minister’s Order in September 2019, requiring public hospitals in Ontario to provide the Chief Medical Officer of Heath with statistical, non-identifying information for incidences of Vaping-Associated Lung Illness.

Ontario is also looking into expanding prevention initiatives and services to quit vaping. This includes:

  • Increasing access to services to help people quit vaping by expanding Telehealth Ontario;
  • Enhancing mental health and addiction services and resources to include vaping and nicotine addiction; and
  • Establishing a Youth Advisory Committee to provide advice on vaping issues.

The regulation was filed on May 4, 2020 and changes are available on e-laws: