OCSA age testing with phone and biometrics

The OCSA in partnership with Liquid Avatar are proud to announce the successful completion of an end-to-end, live working test of the Smart Age program.

Smart Age - age verification from the Ontario Convenience Stores Association

The Smart Age program provides digital age verification, supported with biometric authentication for restricted product sales like lottery tickets, tobacco, alcohol and other goods and services through a mobile device using verifiable digital credentials and biometrics without a user divulging any personally identifiable information to the store clerk.

The system will next be deployed at in-store pilot programs before becoming available to over 8,000 store locations in Ontario.

This first-of-its-kind technology solution will also be extended to other business sectors that require age verification.

The usage of the technology is supported with the high level of assurance, safety, security, and privacy of verifiable digital credentials.

Smart Age can also be used online and the metaverse to support verification of digital identity and manage age-gating for access to age-restricted content, eCommerce and websites.

Smart Age enables digital credentials for identity, access, and qualifications to be verified at point-of-sale payment terminals using the same globally-accessible platform as financial, debit and credit card transactions.

OCSA Smart Age - digital identification