OCSA Covid face mask id checking

It is imperative to remind all family run convenience Stores to ensure they have reviewed their policies for selling tobacco, vape and lottery tickets to prevent any failures when it comes to selling these age restricted programs.

All local public health units will be hiring underage mystery shop employees to test c stores on your ability to properly refuse the sale of these products to underage customers.

Don’t be fooled and make sure all your employees are aware that these types of shops can take place at any time with many stores experiencing the 6:00pm – 10:00 pm mystery shop attempts.

Every local public health unit must conduct a minimum of 2 underage shops a year in every community on every store and more are planned should you have a failure in the past two years. We are proud of our record to refuse the sale to minors and this message to remind you to take age testing very seriously.

Feel free to visit: we-expect-id.com for updates.

Members of the OCSA can train as many employees as possible for free while nonmembers can purchase a training slot for each employee.