Crimestoppers partners with Canadian Fuels Association, Ontario Convenience Stores Association and Canadian Independent Petroleum Marketers Association on province-wide initiative.

October 16, 2012 — If you ever thought stealing gas was not a crime, think again. Today it was announced that Toronto Crime Stoppers in cooperation with the Canadian Fuels Association, the Ontario Convenience Stores Association (OCSA) and the Canadian Independent Petroleum Marketers Association (CIPMA), are launching a poster ad campaign to educate consumers and retailers on the seriousness and implications of gas theft and to encourage the community to provide information concerning criminal activity against gas retailers.

Three different poster ads have been created by DDB Toronto for gas retailers to display at fuel pumps. The posters show mug shots of fictional gas theft suspects holding up licence plates and include Crime Stoppers
1-800 TIPS hotline alongside a message to consumers that gas thieves are easy to find.

“Stealing gas is a crime – nothing less – and puts retailers and consumers at risk,” says Sean Sportun, Toronto Crime Stoppers. “We’ve spent the last few months working with our partner associations to bring this campaign to light. We take safety at the pumps very seriously.”

The recent fuel theft that killed Jayesh Prajapati at a West-end Toronto station has reinforced the need for increased vigilance at the pumps. Adds Sportun, “While this heinous crime has brought the problem of gas theft to the forefront, we hope our campaign will make people inclined to steal gas think again, and encourage law abiding consumers to be alert and provide information that will help police bring gas thieves to justice.”

theft poster

Since less than 20 per cent of retail sites are owned and operated by the major brands, individual gas retailers are the main targets of theft. “People may think gas theft affects the big oil companies, but what many don’t know is that gas retailers, who are small business owners, suffer the biggest loss,” says Peter Boag, President Canadian Fuels Association. “By working with police authorities and organizations like Crime Stoppers we want to create awareness that gas theft is a serious crime, reduce the threat it poses to employees and customers, and facilitate enforcement actions,” Boag continued.

The Canadian Fuels Association, OCSA and CIPMA are reaching out to gas retailers across the province to participate in this important initiative.