The vape file continues to take many different twists and turns with little communication or consultation by the Ministry of Health from the convenience store sector.

Today adult smokers buy their cigarette needs in various sizes, strengths and brands with the convenience stores demonstrating a 96%+ pass rate for age testing responsibility as declared by the Ministry of Health.

Adult vape customers perceive these products to be a safer alternative to smoking and should be afforded the same opportunity to switch while in a convenience store. Adult smokers should be allowed to decide on the approved flavour choices as well as the strength of their products (similar to cigarette light vs full flavour).

Let’s not accept anyone, including the government, to use the convenience stores as a pawn in the vape decisions while ignoring the unlicensed vape shops who have repeatedly marched to their own drum and conceivably could be the entire cause of all this confusion. Vape sales need to be treated the same in every retail outlet to ensure consistency on how a contentious product is handled in any retail venue.

Please find the OCSA letter to Minister of Health that clarifies the confusion: Convenience stores are proven to be the best at handling age-restricted products, while vape shops have no record to stand on.

OCSA – letter to Hon. Christine Elliott