The National Smokeless Tobacco Company is voluntarily recalling some of its smokeless tobacco products after its U.S. affiliate did the same. While no issues have been reported in Canadian products, it is suggested that retailers be proactively cautious and recall items with specified product ID numbers.

Below is the official press release from the NSTC, including the official list of product ID numbers of potentially affected products.

National Smokeless Tobacco Company (NSTC) is voluntarily recalling certain of its smokeless tobacco products following similar action taken by its U.S. affiliate, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company (USSTC).

USSTC initiated a recall in the U.S. after receiving eight consumer complaints of foreign metal objects, including sharp metal objects, found in select cans. In each case, the object was visible to the consumer and there have been no reports of consumer injury. Complaints have been received from consumers in Indiana, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Ohio. NSTC is not aware of any complaints from individuals in Canada.

The products at issue were manufactured in USSTC’s Franklin Park, IL facility, which also manufactures NSTC’s smokeless tobacco products. NSTC is recalling certain lots of 14 Copenhagen and Skoal product varieties, described below. NSTC is not recalling Copenhagen Snuff Custom, Skoal Long Cut Custom Straight, and Skoal Snus Original.

NSTC is instructing retailers and wholesalers to segregate the recalled products from their inventories. NSTC will assist retailers and wholesalers in returning the product.

A consumer who has any of the products listed in the table below should not open or use the product. Consumers should check in the coming days for additional information.

More Information In NSTC Press Release: NSTC Voluntary Product Recall – Retailers – February 2017 EN FINAL