It is a great privilege as hard-working convenience store families to be recognized by the Ford government with this dedicated week which is the last week of August.

There are several ways a convenience store can participate in this week by simply contacting your local MPP’s office and inviting him/her to stop in your store and meet customers while having the ability to promote the week and you family in the local media.

Call your Councilors and mayor and invite them to visit and maybe run the cash for a few minutes to understand the importance of the store in their community.

You can think out of the box and run promotions to coincide with Convenience Store Week and collect charitable donations through these promotions for the Foundation hospital in Ontario.

In the past we have has a large turnout of MPP’s visit our stores and create a lot of hype for the local business and if you are inviting the local MPP, let the local newspaper know as they love to run local stories during this very special week.

Feel free to reach out to us at or 905 945 9152 to discuss your thoughts and options.